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Split Series #13

Alejandra & Aeron / QT?

Released 11/06/2001 on Split Series

The first Split 12" of 2001 (and the 13th in the series thus far), Alejandra & Aeron v QT? meshes the abrasive, blipvert digital assault of Japanese newcomer QT? with Lucky Kitchen label-founders, Alejandra & Aeron's 18-minute long digital / concrA(C)te opus.

Utilising field recordings alongside new digital music technologies, Aeron and Sandra are patriarchs of home and travelogue recording who would prefer to describe their work as 'modern folk music'.

qt?'s nine brief tracks (the shortest is just 33 seconds and the longest is 1 minute 46 seconds) open up a brief but barbed and explosive sound-world that's violently bristling with life.
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