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Oran Mor Sessions

The Twilight Sad

"It’s not until you assemble – no, grow, because this is nothing if not organic – the whole thing, that the jaw-dropping brilliance of the album reveals itself." - Drowned in Sound (10/10) "Simple but effective, the lyrics are bleak, bitter phrases of existential loneliness and torment. His emotion hits just as potently throughout." - NME (8/10) "Th...

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  1.   Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave
  2.   Last January
  3.   It Never Was The Same
  4.   Pills I Swallow
  5.   I Could Give You All That You Dont Want
  6.   Drown So I Can Watch
  7.   The Airport
  8.   Leave The House
  9.   I Couldn't Say It To Your Face