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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Gregory and The Hawk

With the release of 2010’s Leche, Meredith Godreau, aka Gregory And The Hawk, has filed the latest chapter in a personal history of heart-warming songs rendered in her mellifluous and magical voice.

We found Gregory and the Hawk by accident. We were having some pints at Southpaw in Brooklyn when the band came on stage and Meredith began to sing, instantly stunning everyone in the room. She was in the studio a month later beginning work on her FatCat debut.

A native New Yorker with a captivating voice and a clear gift for songwriting, Meredith began playing both piano and violin from an early age, switching to guitar through high school and college. She began playing solo shows in small venues around New England, and made a few cds to hand out at shows which proved incredibly popular. A child of the Myspace boom in 2006, Meredith had already sold 15,000 copies and had 17 pages of cover versions on YouTube before even meeting us.