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Fatcat Publishing — Artist


Famelik is a multi-talented composer, DJ, producer, turntablist, instrumentalist and sound designer currently residing in Montreal. The Famelik project started in 2005, as the young guitar and bass player immersed himself in electronic music and started experimenting with his first compositions.

Combining the precision of machines, the "magic tricks" of live performance and the unpredictable flow of data, Famelik has developed a very personal style: a cinematic and cybernetic musical language constantly deconstructing the moods, codes and genres that define today's music.

The track entitled 'Valériane' begins with a confusing swirl of processed voices, chime-like noises, and a slowly rising beat which soon becomes the hard-hitting center of the track - synths and samples seem to fly in its orbit. This blend of glitchy weirdness and adrenaline-infused accessibility displays a huge amount of ability.

Famelik has previously contributed to short film soundtracks (Robots of Brixton by Kibwe Tavares - 2011), educative music projects for children (Ma petite histoire numérique - 2013) and interactive art installations (Ganymède and TOTEM A - Nature Graphique - 2013). He is currently working on live performance, composition and production for other artists, finishing future releases (Blackelk Recordings), plus soundtracks for future movie projects and more live interactive installations.