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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Electric Ills

Electric Ills is a Virginia based garage-punk duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist Zac Bates and drummer/vocalist Amy Cripps.

Electric Ills began as a solo project with Zac's EP 'Cultured' in late 2011. Amy, Zac's fiance, joined soon after and together they started playing as the true band Electric Ills. All their material has been written together since then, with both members bringing unique influences and insights to the creation process.

Influenced by punk, hardcore punk, garage, surf and experimental styles, Electric Ills's songs are raw, raunchy and never subtle. In their own words, they enjoy the "sudden impact of quick intros and abrupt endings", which have given them a reputation for loud, dynamic, fast-moving live shows. Their lyrics incorporate everything from satirical social observations and personal experiences to pop culture references and conspiracy theories.

Releasing their first EP together 'Guns' in August 2012, Electric Ills have since released a full length album 'Pretty Violent' and are now writing new material for a future EP. Their minimal approach to recording and personal approach to designing merchandise and album art themselves has seen them featured on zines, blogs and two compilations.