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Fatcat Publishing — Artist


Drowsy is Mauri Haikenen, a young singer/songwriter from Finland who writes, sequences, arranges and plays everything himself. Following the receipt of a great demo CDR, his debut release came out as a 7” on FatCat in December 2001, providing a neat introduction to his gently skewed take on pop.

Taking an immediate, lo-fi approach, at times reminiscent of the raw simplicity of The Pastels, at others leaning towards the stark reverberation of Galaxie 500, Drowsy’s general demeanour falls somewhere between the melancholic vision of Smog and the post-psychedelic haze inhabited by the likes of Syd Barrett, Alex Chilton or Robert Wyatt.


Bakery Drowsy acousticpop energetic midtempo
Bed Of Pyre And Wood Drowsy acoustic melancholicsadromanticchilled downtempo
Bright Dawn Drowsy acousticfolkrock chilledmelancholic midtempo
Careless Me Drowsy acousticfolk melancholicromantic downtempo
Cryosleep Drowsy acoustic melancholicchilledromantic downtempo
Go Well Drowsy acoustic chilledmelancholicromantic downtempo
Good Old Odd Gold Drowsy rockinstrumentalfolk tensemelancholicsad downtempo
Great Scintillates Drowsy acousticpopinstrumental chilledsummerfestiveromantic downtempo
Growing Green Drowsy acousticfolk chilledromanticmelancholicsummer downtempo
Harmless Drowsy classicalpop sadromanticmelancholicchilled downtempo
Home Hits Drowsy acoustic melancholicchilledromanticsummer downtempo
Hues Drowsy acoustic chilledsummermelancholicromantic downtempo
I Died Of Death Drowsy acousticfolk chilledmelancholic downtempo
I Watch The Sky Drowsy acousticfolk romanticmelancholichappysummerchilled downtempo
No Footprints To Trail Drowsy acousticpop sadmelancholic downtempo
Off You Go All Authors Drowsy rockfolkexperimental melancholicsad downtempo
Plangent Suite Drowsy classicalinstrumental sadmelancholicromantic downtempo
Plim Plom Autumn Song Drowsy pop romanticmelancholicchilled downtempo
Reclining, The Minds Slowly Sway Drowsy acoustic chilledromanticmelancholicsad downtempo
Some Cursing Drowsy acousticfolk chilledmelancholic downtempo
Treehouse Drowsy acoustic happysummerromantic midtempo
When It'll Be Snowing Drowsy acoustic romanticsummerhappy midtempo
Words Of Warmth Drowsy acoustic chilledsadromanticmelancholic downtempo
Yellow Leaves & White Trees Drowsy acoustic melancholicsadromanticchilled midtempo