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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Cosmic Thoughts

Cosmic Thoughts is a group of musicians based in south-east England. Cosmic Thoughts is made up of George, Scott, Ross, Mark and Chris - all friends since school and college.

After putting out the self-recorded ‘No Youth’ live demo in 2013, the natural progression was to form a complete set around the piece, and capture a full performance for general release. The seven pieces explore the main compositional and aesthetical contexts of that initial track to further extents; the driving, layered and dense post-punk of ‘Decayer,’ offset against the cold, aggressive post-hardcore of ‘Saint Jude’ anchor more abstract ideas on the hypnotic ‘Ulysses,’ and ‘Apollo’s’ contrasting, thumping art-pop. The beginnings of repeato-instrumental experimentation in ‘Test Dream’ and ‘Old Scratch’ also balance a record that takes strong inspiration from unlimited mid-to-late twentieth century pop music styles and pushes what the band deem simply as their take on ‘punk’ forward.

With each member possessing colourful and musically diverse pasts, Cosmic Thoughts focus together on their maturing interests - Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Minimalism, Noise-Rock, Kraut, Dub, Drone - and more as time goes on.