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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Case Conrad

Case Conrad are a five-piece alternative pop band from Sweden.

Their new album, 'Leikko' witnesses the remarkable collaboration of Gustav Haggren (of Gustav and the Seasick Sailors), Robert Johansson (Tarantula Waltz), Per Henrik Adolfsson (The Last of the Julian Line), Vasco Batista (Big Summer, King of Prussia) and Petter Bengtsson (Shooting John) for the first time. Already versed in catchy rhythms and clever pop hooks, this album possesses hints of stadium greatness with its poppy echoing drumbeats, dreamy synth sounds and Robert Johansson’s guitar which provides a distinctive backdrop of desert surf psychedelia.

In their own words, these songs describe the locations and the people that the band met during their DIY-tours after the release of their debut album: from copper thieves of New York to the poets of New Orleans, from bonfires in Louisiana to houseboats in Hamburg!

This creative and personal approach to music has seen songwriter Gustav Haggren write scores for indie films and have music featured in a series on HBO.




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