Released worldwide: 06/10/2014
Formats: CD / LP / Digital
Cat No.s: FATCD127 / FATLP127 / FATDA127

CD: 600116512727
LP: 600116512710
Digital: 600116512758

01. Safety In Numbers
02. Peaks And Troughs
03. I Keep It Composed
04. Peace Sign
05. Night Terror
06. Disconnecting
07. Bright Minds
08. A Part Of It
09. Moral Compass
10. Peace Of Mind
11. Ricochet

Press Release

We Were Promised Jetpacks' third studio album ‘Unravelling’ is the bands most confident and accomplished record to date. Brimming with emotion and passion, this musically strong and assured album sees the unique and identifiable Jetpacks sound now grown and fully galvanised.

Many of the lyrics within conjure the notion of a conflicted protagonist struggling to keep their life on course, while battling a creeping sense of uncertainty and impending doom. ‘Unravelling’ is a captivating ride of tense excitement, pounding rhythm, huge walls of cavernous guitar and hyperborean beauty, all kept in check by the band’s gifted songwriting skills.

‘Unravelling’ was recorded in Glasgow at the infamous Chem19 Studios with Paul Savage - known for his work with Teenage Fanclub, King Creosote, The Twilight Sad and Mogwai.

Speaking of the latter, Jetpacks achieve similar sonic post-rock depths to their fellow Celtic luminaries, but build on that instrumental bedrock with more focus on traditional song structures. Their appropriation of post rock elements garners more accessible results, while losing none of the genre’s impact and drama.

In addition to the level of tone and texture applied to the guitars, it’s also worth noting that We Were Promised Jetpacks have a thunderous rhythm section - as powerful and tight as their twenty-one year friendship.

Jetpacks have already achieved considerable success and have a large fanbase, but ‘Unravelling’ shows them at a new peak, which (combined with praise for the recent premiere of album track ‘Safety In Numbers’ from Stereogum, Indie Shuffle and DIY) sets a likely scene for their reaching a higher level of accolades and renown.

The album release also sees the addition of a new member to the band in the form of multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan. Adam Thompson explains “Stuart is an accomplished keys, piano and guitar player as well as having a lovely little singing voice, and with him we’ve tried to do something a little different. We've known him for ages and played music with him before so we were pretty sure it would work out. It has just been the four of us since 2004, so having someone new with us has been an enjoyable part of the process.”


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