Modern Dancing

Released worldwide: 13/11/2015
Formats: CD / digital / LP
Cat. No.â??s: FATCD136 / FATDA136 / FATLP136

Barcodes : 600116513625
Dig Catalogue No. : 600116513618
LP Catalogue No. : 600116513656

Track listing:
1. Costner
2. Aâ?©B
3. Succulent Thunder Anthem
4. Sister
5. Silver Lining
6. Modern Dancing
7. Neckbrace
8. Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love)
9. Two Sides
10. Car Song
11. Bite Mark
Modern Dancing

Press Release

Following on from their 2013 debut success, Grin. The post punk trio TRAAMS announced their return later this year with their second album, Modern Dancing, which is set for release on the 13th of November 2015. By relocating to Leeds, the band were able to record and work alongside familiar producer MJ of Hookworms, at the Suburban Home Studios.

“As a band we felt more focused this time, we had a clearer idea of what we wanted." stated Leigh (bass) "Recording 'Modern Dancing' felt like making an album proper. We are very happy with everything we've put out but the structure of these sessions really helped us get stuck in and try new things. It was great working with MJ again too. It's generally a more positive record than our first, it's a bit brighter, and a tad more optimistic, ultimately it documents our first couple of years touring, new friendships and relationships.”

TRAAMS have spent the last couple of years bringing their frantic, high-energy performances to various festivals and venues across Europe and the U.S., supporting the likes of Wire, Fucked Up and Royal Blood.
Modern Dancing captures these atmospheric, live performances and draws a wealth of brooding aggression and krautrock-infused-post punk. They have adapted the charisma of White Denim’s experimentalism and early Modest Mouse’ indie guitar pop to fit their own generation’s drowsy indie ethos.

The first track offering from this forthcoming LP, released through FatCat Records, is Succulent Thunder Anthem.


UK press - Natalie Quesnel
Europe press - James Vella
USA press - Andy French
Cover Art - Dave Thomas
UK Radio - Prudence

Sam Orton
Alex Knight

Andy French
Adam Pierce