Living in Colour

Released worldwide: 14/06/2010
Format: Digital
Cat. No.â??s: DS7FAT70
Barcode: 06 - 00116 - 07705 - 7

Track listing:
1. Living in Colour
2. Living in Colour (Alternate Version)
3. Living in Colour (Andreas Lust remix)
Living in Colour

Press Release

With the release of Frightened Rabbit’s 3rd album ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ and their March UK tour – their biggest yet - a complete sell out, 2010 has seen the band’s potential more fully realised. With reports of fevered scenes at their SXSW gigs feeding back (their 3rd consecutive visit to the festival) and substantial European and US tour dates about to begin, the band are to release a new single ‘Living In Colour’ through FatCat on 14th June.

‘Living In Colour’’s displays the DNA of a less frightened rabbit, acknowledging the darkness but emerging, blinking into the light. Driving and optimistic, it’s very upbeatness could be read as a subconscious riposte to the desolation of ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ (and on a more literal level, ‘Sing The Greys’). It is backed with band member Andy Monaghan’s remix of the A side.

Scott: “Its a well worn and classic chord progression that, although I have heard it a ton of times before, I really wanted to pin a Frightened Rabbit song onto. Grant decided that he'd not really done much of the unabashed '4 to the floor' type stomping, so we just went with what felt good, keeping the song uncomplicated. The sentiment itself is simple, kind of like I Feel Better but without any of the self-doubt. It describes a new appreciation of the tiniest things in life, a rejuvenated sense of sight and sound, a general tingling of the nerve-endings, following a reasonably bleak time. I basically wanted to write a big rock song about finding joy in things again, something quite at odds with most of our back catalogue. In a sense, by treading this well-worn ground, we ended up with something new for us - which felt good.”

Metophorically, lead single ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’ might have taken up where the band left off (‘Floating In The Forth’), but ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ showcases a more fully realised sound with a broader pallette, with direct and upbeat songs like (new single, 22nd Feb) ‘Nothing Like You’ and ‘Living In Colour’ jostling for position with intense and brittle epics like ‘Skip The Youth’ and ‘Yes I Would’. Speaking to at the end of last year, lead singer Scott Hutchison explained ‘We've broadened our horizons sonically and it feels like a natural move forward. Most importantly, it’s better than the last one.’ Produced once again by Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut, and engineered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios in Scotland, ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ also boasts stunning string arrangements from labelmate Hauschka.



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