Released in UK, Europe & ROW: 14/07/2014
Released in US & Canada: 07/14/2013


BARCODE: 6 - 00116 - 92921 - 1 / 6 - 00116 - 92925 - 9



1. Giddy
2. Marbles
3. Selma
4. Carousel
5. Cissa


Press Release

EP released 14th July 2014 on Fat Cat Records

“TRAAMS – a journey through abrupt and aggravated, rib-rattling post-punk” - This Is Fake DIY
“Every now and again a band shows up that don’t try to adapt to their surroundings. Indebted to early 90s grunge and Millennial American indie, Chichester three-piece Traams are a wilful anachronism” - Loud & Quiet

“TRAAMS are … as comfortable with extended jams as they are with poppier, sub-three-minute numbers” - Drowned In Sound
After a whirlwind year touring Europe with WIRE, completing a UK and EU headline tour of their own, as well as smashing SXSW on the dusty, drunken streets of Texas, Chichester based three-piece TRAAMS return rejuvenated and bloodthirsty with their first release of 2014 ‘Cissa’.

Their debut album ‘Grin’, produced by fuzz loving tastemaker Rory Atwell and MJ of Hookworms, perfectly encapsulated that restlessness that defines growing up in a small town. Beat up pothole filled roads lit by flickering orange street lamps as opposed to the surreal bright lights and never ending noise of the big city. It screams and yelps, twists and turns, relentlessly releasing a fractured, fearsome energy.

This new set of songs feels like it came from a similar place, whilst soaring through an as yet unexplored sonic world. They’ve reinstated their creative team of Rory and MJ, A producer power-duo if ever there was one, and it proves to be an inspired mix. Opening track ‘Giddy’ presents flashes of Deerhoof, mixed with the early angular brilliance of Let's Wrestle. It thuds and tumbles along, dragging you with it into chest-thumping bliss.

‘Marbles’ has the melodic charm of ‘Is This It’-era Strokes, with a guitar solo reminiscent of Bad Brain’s world-beater ‘Banned In DC’. It would captivate even the broken 9-5 office worker, energyless after yet another day of computer screen monotony. Final track, and the one that the EP is named after, ‘Cissa’ is a krauty, groove based number, driving along into the darkest dusk.

TRAAMS are back, better than ever and ready to fan the burning flames they set alight across Europe last year.

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