C Duncan - wanted to want it too

Released worldwide: 30/09/2016

CAT NO: 7FAT159 / DS7FAT159

BARCODE: 6-00116-71597-5 / 06-00116-71595-1



1. Wanted To Want It Too
2. Calling
C Duncan - wanted to want it too

Press Release

Glasgow’s prodigious talent C Duncan released his critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated debut album ‘Architect’ last July, wrapping up an extremely successful first year with a headline tour and stunning sell-out performance at Union Chapel. Returning with new single Wanted To Want It Too, Duncan has delved into more expansive and experimental territories, blending electronic elements and sweeping synth sounds with his signature layered vocals and dreamy instrumentation.

The new material was recorded and produced entirely by C Duncan in his Glasgow flat, using his bedroom studio set-up, gradually adding each layer and each instrument one at a time. Though time-consuming, the process allowed him to lovingly assemble an intricate and subtle debut album that went on to receive incredible recognition. With its pulsating beat and dream-like vocals, the single offers a tantalising clue toward the next record. “Towards the end of recording ‘Architect’ my production skills had developed, and I wanted to put them to the test on another record. I'm still very much in the mind-set that working alone from home is the best way to create music - for me anyway. I upgraded my home setup for 'The Midnight Sun' to give it a much cleaner sound. Unlike 'Architect', which was a big mix of different genres, the new album is much more coherent and concise sonically.”

The single has a bittersweet quality, there is a hopeful charm to proceedings, a reverence in the tone, above all the track showcases a songwriter capable of invoking various emotions in the space of three minutes. At first listen, one might consider the song downbeat, but on repeated listens the hopefulness and joy that characterises much of Duncan’s work is evident.

With a bigger new live show in tow, C Duncan has blossomed into a fully accomplished live artist. Having fast-tracked from playing basement venues alone to selling out 900 cap venues within a year, his live show has come on hugely. Now joined by a three-piece band, they provide the perfect backdrop for his hushed vocals and help execute the plentiful harmonies with mesmerising precision.


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