Released worldwide: 04/11/2016
Format: LP/CD/DIG


BARCODE: 6-0011651411-0 / 6-0011651412-7 / 0-60011651415-8



1. Intro
2. Babes Never Die
3. Ready for the Magic
4. Sea Hearts
5. Love Is A Disease
6. Walking at Midnight
7. Justine, Misery Queen
8. Sister Wolf
9. Hey, Stellar
10. Cruel
11. Gangs
12. Outro


Press Release

Format: LP/CD/DIG
LP barcode: 6-0011651411-0
CD barcode: 6-0011651412-7
Digital barcode: 0-60011651415-8

"The lead single from a new album, it captures all the no-prisoners ecstasy of the Scottish duo’s first work, adding another dose of ferocity just for the hell of it." - DIY

"Grungy guitar drives the action along towards the earworm chorus that feels somewhere between Le Tigre and White Stripes in its blissful rock simplicity" - The Most Radicalist

"They’re returning bigger, more brash, pushing the big red buttons like the apocalypse is no big shakes, proves their days as a best kept almost-secret are long gone. The bubbles are bursting." - Read Dork

"New cut 'Ready For The Magic' totally slays...It's a taut, snarling return, heavy on the distortion yet still displaying the crisp, exact songwriting that made their debut such an immediate pleasure." - Clash Music

Honeyblood are back in formidable form. Today the Glasgow two-piece - frontwoman Stina Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers- announce their second album, the emphatically titled ‘Babes Never Die’.

The follow-up to their eponymous debut, ‘Honeyblood’ which arrived in 2014 as a surprise splash, crash-landing into many of the year’s most revered Best Of lists, with near-perfect score reviews from everyone from NME to DIY, and Mojo to Uncut. ‘Ready for The Magic’ is a remarkable introduction to Honeyblood 2.0. Both one of their most intense and most intensely catchy tracks to date. Its detuned doom riffage and disco-punk rhythms make space for a tornado of a chorus ode to “the explosive nature of infatuation”.

The album was recorded with acclaimed producer James Dring (Jamie T, Gorillaz) during candle-burning sessions at London’s Fish Factory studios. “The title is my own mantra,” Stina says. “I think it’s something I tell myself every day. Indifference is a plague. Giving up and turning a blind eye will be the end of us. Never before has that been more true.”


Online PR - Chris Cuff [email protected]
Print PR – Duncan Jordan [email protected]
Agent – Ed Thompson [email protected]