Split Series

FatCat's Split Series was initiated in March 1998, with one of our earliest releases (a 12� featuring Third Eye Foundation and V/Vm), and has continued with releases appearing sporadically through ensuing years.
Released on 12� vinyl, the series is packaged in a highly distinctive, minimalist aesthetic. Individually numbered, and with no external reference to the artists or music contained within, each release is identified purely by a number of holes drilled in its plain white cardboard sleeve (one hole for the first release, two for the second, three for the third, etc.), the grid of holes allowing for a total of 24 releases.

With no precalculated formulae for the series, from the beginning the aim has been to curate a high-quality, challenging series of 12â? singles that resists stasis / classification and continually shifts; to keep the listener guessing; to utilise the unique qualities of the format in an exciting and creative way â??? whether it be pitting different sounds / styles against one another; drawing out links and similarities; or simply introducing unknown artists on the flip of a more established name.

Rather than merely existing as marketing tools for albums, most of the artists involved in the series were commissioned on a one-off basis, and several saw their debut (Duplo, Com.a, Motion, QT?, Team Doyobi, Janek Schaefer, Super Khoumeissa) or very early (DAT Politics, Kid 606, V/Vm, Foehn, Speedranch^Jansky Noise, Pimmon) releases via our split 12�s.

The challenge has always been to push on from the gains made on each release, and to drag the split series to further fresh and increasingly diverse territory, whilst maintaining the high quality control, to continue to provide more unexpected turnings and adventures into unknown territory.





David Howell : [email protected]