130701 - an imprint of FatCat Records - has come to embody incredibly graceful and evocative music with a huge emotional weight. It is currently home to some of the most recognisable names in the broad-reaching post-classical field.

Set up on July 13th 2001 (hence the label's superficially cryptic name) for the release of the first Set Fire To Flames record 'Sings Reign Rebuilder', the pioneering 130701 imprint has since grown to encompass a highly influential, high quality stable of artists operating at the cutting edge of the modern classical genre - utilising traditional orchestration often coupled with more abstract sounds and approaches: field recordings, radio static and various methods of digital and analogue signal processing. Not to limit the sonic palette, guitars, drums and electronics also make it into the 130701 artists' mix, culminating in an overall sound that is somehow both eclectic yet coherently unified over the course of our release history.

Initially established as an outlet for Montreal-based Set Fire To Flames (a 13-piece collective featuring members of Godspeed you black emperor!, A Silver Mt Zion, HRSTA, Fly Pan Am, etc), the label has since become a home for pianist / composers Sylvain Chauveau, Hauschka, Max Richter and most recently Dustin O'Halloran and Johann Johannsson.

Following Richter's score for Ari Folman's Oscar-nominated 'A Waltz For Bashir', the label has increasingly been seen as a strong source of music for moving media. This has been compounded with the latest of Max's records, 'infra', which is a work expanded from material originally commissioned for a ballet, Johann Johannsson's 'The Miners' Hymns' project - a score to Bill Morrison's found-footage eulogy for the North-East UK's dying mining communities of the same name - and Dustin O'Halloran's original music for Drake Doremus' Sundance-winning 'Like Crazy' feature. As a result of these activities we are poised to delve further into working with film, animation and performance and invite interested parties to look into our catalogue.


Dmitry Evgrafov Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Ian William Craig Olivier Alary Resina




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