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Xinlisupreme are a staggering Japanese group based in the remote town of Oita. Communicating via garbled, often vitriolic e-mails, the band are a shadowy entity whose mix of violence and occassional humour is as bewildering as their music is powerful. Discovered via a demo in early 2001, their sound is a massively potent blend of guitar feedback and primitive electronics that has drawn compari...


Welcome to our fifth Spotify playlist: SPLINTER SERIES

Posted on Tue, 22nd March, 2016

In our next installment of FatCat playlists we bring you a selection from our Splinter Series

In our next installment of FatCat playlists we bring you a selection from our Splinter Series, featuring artists such as Silje Nes, Animal Collective, Gentle Friendly, Our Brother The Native, Xinlisupreme and more.

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