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Team Doyobi

Always adventurous and inventive, Team Doyobi is the work of Leeds-based producers Alex Peverett and Chris Gladwin. First spotted playing at a warehouse party in Sheffield in 1998, they had their debut release on a split series 12" a year later and have since gone on to release a strong body of work on the SKAM label, including the albums 'Cryptoburners' (2001), and 'Choose Your Own Adventure' (...


Fact magazine's 100 greatest IDM tracks

Two tracks from the FatCat Spit Series have made it into Fact Magazine's list of 100 greatest IDM tracks. 

'Viral' by Gescom from the Split Series #2 is at number 24 and 'Pigeon Man' by Team Doyobi from Split Series #7 is at number 59.  

To visit the page and see the entire listings click HERE 

To stream our new Spotify playlist which includes both tracks as well as many other key moments from the Split Series collections click HERE