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Songs Of Green Pheasant

Songs Of Green Pheasant is the solo project of Duncan Sumpner, a 30-year-old artist / teacher from Oughtibridge in Sheffield, who initially sent us an album-length CDR of tracks in 2002 (initially recorded at home under the monicker, Kayak). It was one of those demos that quickly stood out as being highly intriguing and then slowly works itself deeper and deeper under your skin and into your hea...


Songs Of Green Pheasant releases new mini-album plus book of drawings

The hugely-talented Duncan Sumpner (aka Songs Of Green Pheasant) has self-released a mini-album of 9 new SOGP tracks.

The hugely-talented Duncan Sumpner (aka Songs Of Green Pheasant) has self-released a mini-album of 9 new SOGP tracks,  on a CD bound within a book of his own drawings, which are quite stunning. Entitled 'Mullock & Moil', the package is available in a very limited edition of just 100 copies, available direct from the artist .

"Referring to many aspects of decay - industrial, of the family, of the mind, social... this book/c.d. is a project where I have tried to combine drawings and music in a mutually respectful way. I hope both art forms serve to provoke meaningful and perhaps insightful interpretations of the other. "

Duncan has also just published a second volume of his fantastic 'Horseflesh', a full-length comic novel set in the culturally bereft atmosphere of '90s Britain. Check the link to order and view images.    

We released three albums with Duncan in the '00s and his creativity deserves some proper recognition. So please, go support this brilliant independent artist.