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Our Brother The Native

Our Brother The Native - after several line-up shifts over the band's history - has now apparently settled as a core unit centred around California Bay Area resident Joshua Bertam. Also featuring collaborators on percussion, guitar, trumpet and noise manipulation, the lion's share of the Our Brother The Native songwriting is now firmly on Bertram's shoulders. FatCat stumbled upon the band towar...


Welcome to our fifth Spotify playlist: SPLINTER SERIES

Posted on Tue, 22nd March, 2016

In our next installment of FatCat playlists we bring you a selection from our Splinter Series

In our next installment of FatCat playlists we bring you a selection from our Splinter Series, featuring artists such as Silje Nes, Animal Collective, Gentle Friendly, Our Brother The Native, Xinlisupreme and more.

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