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Mice Parade

Mice Parade was originally the solo project of New Yorker Adam Pierce, who has also played in Swirlies, The Dylan Group, HiM, mum, and Philistines Jr. From its outset, Mice Parade showed a boldly inventive, highly individual take on instrumental music / electronica. Following 1998's Bubble Core album, 'The True Meaning Of BoddleyBaye', their first FatCat album, 'Ramda' ('99), forged a distincti...


New FatCat Bundles Now Available

Posted on Mon, 13th June, 2016

We've added some new bundles deals to our store which you can check out HERE, featuring combo deals for Animal Collective, Twilight Sad and Mice Parade.These are special offers of discounted vinyl's and cd's, grab them quick as we will be regularly changing these one off deals.

Introducing our second Spotify playlist - MELLOW

Posted on Tue, 23rd February, 2016

The playlist features a wide range of artists including Sigur Ros, Max Richter, Vetiver, Tom Brosseau, and Mum, as well as artists such as Dmitry Evgrafov and Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch from our 130701 Post-classical series.

To stream the playlist click HERE

We'll be adding some more soon, so be sure to follow us on Spotify HERE if you don't already.