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David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull

San Francisco-based artist David Karsten Daniels collaborates here with Richmond, Virginia-based 9-piece avant-jazz collective Fight the Big Bull. Their debut album together - 'I Mean To Live Here Still' - is the product of two decidedly individual, but musically (and geographically) distant sets of musicians. David Karsten Daniels is an immensely talented, formally-trained composer/musician wi...


FatCat Remix Comp Closed

Posted on Wed, 7th July, 2010

Wednesday 7th July was the closing date for our incredibly successful and first ever remix competition. We offered up the stems of Smoke by David Karsten Daniels and Fight The Big Bull to everyone via Soundcloud. The standard of entries were surprisingly high, and the next comp is in the planning stages.

So, thanks to:

Mice Parade
Brighton City Airport
Branko 808
Trent V
Short Stories
A Lily
Slow Graffiti
Ski Sunday
Andreas Lust
Millinarl Expunger
Yuri JawBonE
Sounds Polar Kid
Pantelis Ambatzidis
Our Brother The Native
Chaos Theory
Snow Panda
The Monroe Transfer
Hol Baumann
gbauley *electro
experiments with machines
Liam Grepus
Ekca Liena

...For your remixes. The winner and prize will be picked by us and David Karsten Daniels, and announced on Monday via the FatCat site.

Due to the success of this competition, we have decided to release Smoke as a digital single on 16th August, one of the remixes will be chosen as the b-side.

Check out all the entries here
David Karsten Daniels Myspace page here