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Òran Mór Session - White Vinyl Repress

Watch: new Minor Pieces video premiered on The Quietus

Folf Radio post Minor Pieces track by track commentary


Date Artist Venue City Country Country
23/10 Samana 23/10 Samana The Hug and Pint Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
24/10 Honeyblood 24/10 Honeyblood Queen Margaret Union (QMU) Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
24/10 MNNQNS 24/10 MNNQNS Chapelle des trinitaires Metz France Metz, France
24/10 Samana 24/10 Samana The Castle, Manchester Manchester UK Manchester, UK
24/10 The Twilight Sad 24/10 The Twilight Sad Petit Bain Paris France Paris, France
25/10 Honeyblood 25/10 Honeyblood Castle & Falcon Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
25/10 MNNQNS 25/10 MNNQNS La Rodia Besançon France Besançon, France
25/10 The Twilight Sad 25/10 The Twilight Sad TRIX Antwerp Belgium Antwerp, Belgium
25/10 The Twilight Sad 25/10 The Twilight Sad Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
26/10 Jing 26/10 Jing Crash Musikkeller Freiburg Germany Freiburg, Germany
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