Two more Gentle Friendly Vine loops added

Gentle's Friendly's new album 'KAUA'I O'O A'A' - is due out on Monday (exclusively on the FatCat store), and they are uploading a Vine video loop for each track from the record. So far they have uploaded loops for eleven of the record's thirteen tracks, including two new ones  for '18 Wave Crash' and 'As In Wind' and you can view them all on Vine here. Bizarrely enough, the Vine site is not actually set up to loop clips cleanly, so if you want to see all the videos looped a bit tighter, you can check them out on our YouTube site.

The loops were all created by the band's friend, artist Lloyd Bowen, who designed the collaged tape art on GF's new album sleeve, and also made two previous collaged / animated videos for the band - for 'Real Fighters' and 'Speakers'. You can get aquainted with Lloyd's artwork here.

KAUA'I O'O A'A is released on vinyl on Monday (2nd june) via the FC store and on June 9th everywhere else and you can find out more about the album, see the cover art and preorder it on vinyl or digital here at our store.

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