Tal National - KAANI - album available for pre-order today

Nigerien 13-piece Tal National's FatCat debut Kaani is available for pre-order starting today. A vibrant combination of high-life guitar, Taureg desert blues and many African influences beyond, the band are already heroes in their homeland and are set to capture audiences across the global stage with the release of Kaani.

Kaani was captured over two weeks in January 2011 at the run-down Studio Maibianigarba in the Nigerien capital Niamey. Despite much of the equipment being broken, a layer of dust covering every surface and with mosquitoes dwelling in every dark corner, the dilapidated facility was acoustically an ideal environment. Chicago-based producer Jamie Carter, in Niger by invitation from the band, was able to set up the equipment he brought with him and capture the magic of the group, spending days with the doors of the control room wide open to provide ventilation, and also to let in the vibrancy of the city. The band would record until 5pm, before heading out for their nightly 5 hour performances. Eventually, Carter sent the tracks along to FatCat, and the result is Kaani, which is due for release on 9th September.

Click here for pre-order options and here for a stream and download of album track 'Wongharey'.

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