Special Vashti Bunyan documentary screening and rare live performance this week

Glasgow's great multimedia festival Platform will this week host a special screening of Kieran Evans' feature film From Here To Before - a documentary that tells Vashti Bunyan's astonishing story of reluctant pop fame in the 1970's, a nomadic horse-and-cart adventure, and her eventual dismissal of notoriety and subsequent re-emergence several decades later. The film features rare interviews with Joe Boyd, Robert Kirby, Max Richter and Devendra Banhart. This screening will be accompanied by a Q&A session with Evans and a live performance from Vashti - her first in over a year - with some specially-selected guests. The evening will be hosted by Easterhouse (Glasgow) on April 28th.

The full line-up is as follows:

Vashti Bunyan
Aidan Moffat
Richard Youngs
Future Pilot (AKA Franz Ferdinand's Paul Thomson)
Alasdair Gray

For more information and ticket links, click HERE.

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