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As we continue to publish some of the best demos that are sent to us, we have this week picked out London-based experimental musician and artist Sperm Donor.

The track Early, made in 2010, is made up of Sperm Donor’s squawling guitar sounds, dense textures and lyrical vocals, and gives reference to rock/punk acts as Talking Heads and Modern Lovers. Using a four-track cassette recorder, a drum machine and a guitar, Sperm Donor attempts to capture the buzz of spontaneity in the recording process.

I wanted to record on tape so I could speed and slow it down when recording to give more of a dizzy kind of effect, and also to record in a way that wouldn’t allow me to change it so easily, so that it would be more fun and more of an intuitive process. That’s why it’s hard to say too much about the track… However, the lyrics are meant to be funny, but also hedonistic and seedy.

You can find Sperm Donor’s soundcloud page here.

As always, please continue sending your demos to our office. we listen to them all!

4 years ago



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