New track on FatCat’s Demo Player - J Irvin Dally

J. Irvin Dally – Wild Things by FatCat Records

Following on from the last addition to the FatCat Soundcloud demo player, Alphabet’s Heaven, we have uploaded the track of another incredibly promising artist – J Irvin Dally.

His track Wild Things is not actually a demo at all – it came out on an EP entitled Despistado which was released by Camaraderie Limited in Paris – but we are nonetheless very happy that it was submitted to us. The song’s woozy, almost psych-country guitar leads and descending chords provide the perfect backdrop for Dally’s keening, folky voice, overall conveying a sort-of medicated, wistful nostalgia. states that Dally was “raised in southern Illinois as a preacher's son, came of age in Colorado, grew in Spain, and found himself in Sacramento and Santa Rosa before setting up permanent shop in Los Angeles”, and he has another cassette release called “The Countryside of Southern Illinois and the Daydreams That Almost Got Me to 19 Years” which takes the form of a single, multi-movement song.

Check out his Myspace!

We’re always on the lookout for new material, so please continue to send demos to us – we listen to them all.

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