Simple: Unreleased Pieces 1998-2010 - new Sylvain Chauveau album out today

“How long does it take to break a person’s heart through music?  On “Everything Will Be Fine”, the feat is achieved in only a minute and eighteen seconds.  Tears well behind the eyes.  The mind fills with anguished gratitude.  A great complexity of spirit is necessary in order to score such depths; and yet, Chauveau makes it seem simple.” Closer Listen


Released today: Simple: Rare and Unreleased Pieces 1998 - 2010 is the new album by Brussels-based Parisien Sylvain Chauveau, released on FatCat's 130701 imprintSimple is a collection of works created for film, installation, exhibition and boutique releases between 1998-2010. A diverse, yet fully cohesive collection of tracks, the album spans stark / minimal electronic drones, processed guitar explorations, variously-sized chamber pieces, spare solo piano, and two 40-piece string orchestra recordings.

Recorded for various projects, with different ensembles in various studios. what unifies the collection is an overarching sensibility of slightly melancholic, simple elegance and Sylvain’s signature sense of restraint. A measured use of space and silence augments the focused simplicity of these brief yet beautiful, lyrical works. With the majority of tracks clocking in at under or around the 2-minute mark, they coalesce into a series of vignettes - condensed, self-contained explorations of atmosphere / emotion.

'Simple' is Sylvain's second album for the label – a decade after the release of 'Une Autre Decembre' - following a series of album releases with the much-respected Type label, as well as countless score and soundtrack projects.

Click here for ordering options for Simple, which is available on CD and various digital formats. 'Situation Finale', from the album, can be streamed and downloaded FREE from here.

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