Split Series #22 OUT NOW

A brand new issue in FatCat's longstanding Split 12" Series is available now from the FatCat store, and you can stream the whole release right now at Ad Hoc. The record features two great electronic artists - Ensemble Skalectrik (aka Ekoplekz) and The Durian Brothers - who both make use of the record deck as source material.

The Durian Brothers are a trio based in Dusseldorf, Germany whose approach to their sound-source is close to that of fellow Dusseldorf resident, Hauschka. Completely avoiding the use of records, the turntables are instead creatively mis-used in a very experimental approach.  Melodies are played on tuned rubber bands stretched across the decks; assorted objects are placed upon the rotating platters to create scrunching rhythms and textures, resulting in a radical and fresh take on contemporary club music. Slightly wonky and somehow African in its non-standard feel / tonality, it sounds like little else around right now.

A side-project of the prolific Nick 'Ekoplekz' Edwards, Ensemble Skalectrik’s side is a far woozier proposition, occupying a more cloudy, veiled, interior space that seems deliciously derailed and disconnected. Bathed in reverb and shifting eq, its murky sound-world cocoons the listener in a delirious fog of warping material – slurred, molten, smeared and blurred, its signals ripple around the listener as though transmitted through some viscous liquid.

As usual, this record will be released on 12” vinyl in the Split Series’ trademark hand-drilled and numbered packaging, pressed in a limited edition of 650 copies for the world. It is also available digitally.


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