New Podcast By Paul Willmott (Disco Inferno) Now Online


Paul Willmott of pioneering UK post-rock outfit Disco Inferno has made us a podcast. Disco Inferno were active in the early '90s, and have recently had their utterly essential five EPs collected onto an album called (simply enough)  'The 5 EPs', which Pitchfork described as "a record that should be heard by anyone with an interest in those rare times when rock attempts brashly to chart new sonic territory". The album's artwork was designed by FatCat's Dave Thomas and it also features extensive sleevenotes by FatCat's Dave Howell. In return, DI's bassist has given us this great podcast, which he describes below.

"This mix is based around the contents of a beaten up old red and blue sports bag that once housed my sports kits. The smell of dried mud remained but the contents had been replaced by as many cd's as it would take. Crammed in, zip broken and bursting at the seams. The collection accrued over a period of time that included my own personal cd's and things that had been repurposed from the record shop that I worked in.

"The contents were pretty ramshakle. Anything that I had access to that looked relatively interesting made it in there. Cajun & Bluegrass compilations, Soundtracks (Herrmann, Barry, Morricone), some Classical (Edgar Varèse, Andrzej Panufnik) and plenty of dub, hip hop, post punk and indie. There were also a number of sound effects CD's which had mainly been found in the back of West End record stores, late night sorties to Tower records when there wasn't anything better to do on a Friday night.

"Although not all of the things that are contained on this mix would have been present, had I known of their existence at the time - they would have been."

Go listen. Go learn...

3 years ago



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