New Podcast Available Now - By Ian Nagoski

Our latest podcast comes from radio presenter and musicologist Ian Nagoski. In his own words...

Over the past six years, I've released four CDs and six LPs of music from 78rpm discs. The challenge in making this web stream was not to use a lot of material from the records I've already made (5 of the 20 tracks have been reissued before) and to exploit the fact that there's no notes, no narrative to go with the music. The music here is all from about 1910-1950 and originates in Georgia (in the US), Greece, Poland, Quebec, Switzerland, India, Macedonia, Armenia, Korea, Germany, Turkey, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Italy, Syria, and Mexico.

1.  Two Gospel Keys - I Love Travelling

2.  Gus Doussas - To Kerogeraki

3.  Stefan Shkimba - Lemko Wedding Pt. 1

4.  Athanase Beaudry - Noces De Tit Pierre

5.  Stasinopoulos Sotirios - O Korakas

6.  Jakob Ummel and Jodlerklub Thun - Alpufzug

7.  Faiyaz Kahn - Kafi

8.  Vera Filipova - Kirajdjice Jabandjice

9.  Zabelle Panosian - Groung

10. Sinkou Son and Kouran Kin - Songs In Grief

11. Unknown Artist - Canary Song Pt. 1

12. Mahir and Ali - Oyun Havasi

13. Lachlan Macrimmon - Reel O' Tulloch

14. Cold Storage Rhythm - Skokiaan

15. Amelita Galli-Curci - Crepuscule

16. Msr. Petros - Passa I Ktisis

17. Alexander Maloof - Al Ja Za Yer

18. Untraced Yaqui Artists - Untraced Song

19. Braci Balabanowych - Polka Francuszka

20. Untraced Artists - Okeh Laughing Record

3 years ago



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