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LA-based Foot Village are the quartet of Grace Lee, Brian Miller, Dan Rowan, and Josh Taylor. Active since 2007, and featuring members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and the infamous International Voice of Reason, they’ve described themselves as the “Loudest Acoustic Rock Band Ever”.

With a Split 12” featuring Foot Village / Super Khoumeissa. due out on Fatcat on the 11th of July, Foot Village have complied a wonderful podcast based around their love for the LA music scene.

Some words from Foot Village.

“While a few bands are commonly known for representing the Smell scene, what really makes LA DIY great is the eclecticism. The shows here that invoke the most enthusiasm are the ones that embrace this variety. Seeing crowds mosh to a techno act, headbang to some harsh noise, and then dance their asses off to a punk band, all in one night, is anexciting and life-affirming thing. This podcast is just a taste of what is going on in Los Angeles.”

Click play on the embedded Mixcloud player above or download directly through iTunes.

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