Maps & Atlases ‘Solid Ground’ Out Now!

I could listen to his voice in this form all day and night. Just put this song on repeat and you will not see it as wasted listening time, I promise, – 9/

The new single from Maps & Atlases, Solid Ground, which includes the tracks Solid Ground and a vocals and strings mix of Israeli Caves, is now available to buy!

Led by a lilting, single vocal line, Solid Ground begins patiently, spending as long as it can hold out on subtly interweaving melodies before Latin-esque percussion braces the entire track and the slightly skewed pop that characterises Maps & Atlases is suddenly front and centre.

Solid Ground is backed with a vocal and string mix of album track Israeli Caves. The original track " a flickering, syncopated highlight of Perch Patchwork " is here reworked into something a lot gentler, almost lamenting: everything removed except for some toy percussion, vocals and harmonies, and strings.

Visit the FatCat web store and purchase Solid Ground.

And pre-order the album Perch Patchwork (released on the 4th of October).

For more information and to check out Maps & Atlases’ tour dates, click here for their profile.

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