Maps & Atlases ‘Perch Patchwork’ album - Pre-Order Now

After releasing two EPs since their inception as a band in Chicago in 2004, Maps & Atlases present their debut full-length 'Perch Patchwork', which is now up and available for pre-order in both CD and digital formats in the UK & Europe.

You can purchase it now from the FatCat web store.

This album showcases a densely textured, exhilarating body of work that sees the band developing further intricacies in songwriting, and in lush brass and string arrangements beyond the lightning-fast guitar lines that characterised their earlier output – and the results are gripping. From the multi-part military drum lines of 'The Charm' to the nimbly overlaying, flickering guitars and almost Afro/Latin percussion of 'Living Decorations' to the soft Beach Boys-esque vocal chorus of 'Israeli Caves', this record is clearly the work of serious and brave musicians.

'Perch Patchwork' presents a confident, complex take on pop music. Marking FatCat's 100th album release, 'Perch Patchwork' is out on the 4th of October.

Don’t miss Maps & Atlases‘ UK & Europe Tour in October. For dates and times, click here.

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