Leche Artwork Nominated For Award

The artwork for Gregory And The Hawk album Leche has been nominated for Best Vinyl Art 2011by artvinyl.com

This artwork is one of many creations by DLT, who has worked on countless releases on the FatCat label, as well as labels such as Domino, Full Time Hobby, PIAS, One Little Indian and many more. Go here to vote for this cover to win, and of course to see the other nominations!

Here is what DLT has to say about the artwork he created for the Leche release:

"This was the second Gregory and the Hawk album ive worked with Meredith on the artwork. As previously, we'd talked on the phone and a fair bit over email about ideas and possible directions for the artwork for 'Leche' prior to starting the design."

"It was during these conversations that Meredith sent me a photo of St. Kilda and mentioned a dream she'd had about archipelago of tall thin islands sticking up out of the sea. I thought that could be an interesting image to base the artwork around. Even thinking about the word 'archipelago' brought to my mind 16th Century type voyages of discovery. As if we're presenting an image of one of these islands that may or may not exist, imagining what it might have been like for people at that time in history to see places from the other side of the world that seem so different or alien. To tie into that idea, i could present the illustration as if it was a etching or illustrated plate with the calligraphic swirls and italic typography from a lost book of far off places and give it a title plate 'Leche'. 'Leche' was already the title Meredith had chosen for the record, and it is the spanish word for for milk, but could that also be the name of the island? That was the sort of thing i thought would be nice to leave to peoples imaginations as they looked at the cover."

"I also listened to the music a lot during doing the artwork, and i felt it had a slightly darker quality compared to the previous album 'Moenie and Kitchi' and i felt that should be hinted at in the colour scheme. The tracks had a soft, hazy daydream-like quality to them, and with titles including 'Landscapes' and Geysir Nationale', i felt that again tied back into the idea we were forming of this place that was distant memory or from a dream as the feature of the cover artwork."

4 years ago



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