Last FatCat Records Podcast of the year! Phillip Taylor of PAWS

"I chose all of the songs on this podcast as the winter nights are closing in and Scotland is spending most of it's day in the dark.

These are some softer songs that give me some heat a midst the cold climate! I spend a lot of
my time playing relatively loud music but, between all of that I also spend the majority of my time listening to softer melodies. Especially when I am at home and travelling long distances.

At times I suspect that folks may think we listen to "lo-fi, scuzzy, blah blah blah" all day long but this simply is not the case! I don't think I listen to that sort of music very much at all if I'm to be honest.

These are some of my favourite artists and I have definitely taken inspiration in writing from all of them!

I hope everyone enjoys my little playlist!"

Phillip x

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from FatCat Records! Purchase 'Cokefloat' - PAWS here.

one year ago



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