Hauschka Interview with Paul Morley

Paul Morley on Hauschka’s music "It’s right on the contemporary dream sweet spot where classical, electronic, pop, sound art, novelty camouflage and the avant-garde meet."

Above is the trailer by the brilliant new Classical music website Sinfini Music for their session and interview with Hauschka. 

Sinfini filmed the exclusive performance and interview with Hauschka as the basis for esteemed music critic Paul Morley's “Where Do You Start” (Part 4)  – the 4th in his series of novel introductions to classical music, linking in pop, electronic and other music genres to the classical tradition.  The piece is a potted history of the piano, taking readers on a journey from Mozart to the toy piano and prepared pianos of John Cage, through to the electronic music of Aphex Twin and minimalism-influenced Hauschka, who has also worked with violinist Hilary Hahn, fusing her love for Bach with his sensitive prepared piano music. 

Unfortunately, on the way to the sesssion Hauschka lost his tool kit to prepare the piano.  Bereft of the ping pong balls, marbles and mini vibrators that give his piano pieces their unique sound, Hauschka set off to trawl the streets of Soho to assemble a new collection.  This involved visits to sex shops, sports and hardware stores and fashion jewellery outlets to purchase vibrators, various household tools and necklace chains.

Hauschka commented on his London trip, “On my way to the interview I found that I’d lost all my preparations.  Starting at Paddington station, I bought chopsticks and wooden sticks and I had to find all the other props in Soho.  I found erasers and other materials in an art store, and vibrators at an erotic shop.  Funnily enough I found some great objects and I was able to use all of them at the Sinfini performance.”

Click HERE to explore Paul Morley's "Where do you start" (Part 4) and watch the stunning live session and video interview with Hauschka, amongst other brilliant features about the prepared piano. 

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