Gentle Friendly’s Top Slowed Down Sounds

The 405 had Gentle Friendly in over the weekend to talk about the kick they get from slowed down recordings whether they be Songs, Animals and People:

"Our new record KAUA'I O'O A'A is named after a Hawaiian bird, and that bird's name comes from the sound it makes. As a band we have always been inspired by people slowing things down, like DJ Screw.. or Peter Szöke, who was a Hungarian biologist and musicologist and made a record called 'The Unknown Music of Birds'. He slowed down tape recordings of birds so he could hear what he called their 'true sound'. I don't think Peter Szöke ever got a recording of a kaua'i o'o a'a, but if you play our record slowed all the way down maybe you can hear its 'true sound' too. So here are our favourite top five slowed-down songs/animals/people"

Click here to check out what Gentle Friendly like to hear in slow-motion

Gentle Friendly's new album 'KAUA'I O'O A'A is available from the FatCat store and you can listen to it in full using the player below.

one year ago



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