Forest Fire - Screens OUT NOW

We are excited to announce that Forest Fire's stunning new album Screens is released in the UK and Europe today. Read the reviews from Bowlegs ("both timeless and modern, Screens is a moving record that inspires critical thought and reflection") and the 405 ("a band fully realising their potential and finally, awe-inspiringly, hitting their stride"). Bowlegs also spoke to Mark about the making of the album - read the interview here

From its dark, sparse, sonic landscapes, obsession with analog instrumentation, and movement-focused, heavily metaphorical lyrics, Screens finds Forest Fire hewing to a mood set out by some of the late 70's iconic greats: Kraftwerk, Yoko Ono, Joy Division, Laurie Anderson included. But for all the record’s gratitude to the past, its aesthetic is just as much forward-looking, able to embrace the sunrise hooks of anthemic album opener 'Waiting in the Night'. Elsewhere, Suicide-spooky synth-drones sit in neat foil to jangly stride and Leonard Cohen-frosted vocal deliveries, comprising ingredients of a complex and duly expressive full-length.

Click here to buy Screens in Europe, or here to pre-order if you're in the USA.

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