FatCat Records Podcast #93 - Late Night Lingerie

Our latest FatCat Records Podcast comes from 'Late Night Lingerie' a clubnight  where bands play between the unearthly hours of 11 til 3am on the last Friday of every month at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar.

"All the bands on this podcast are local to Brighton and have played on our stage more than once... they're all awesome as f*** so give it a little listen and discover some new music."- Late Night Lingerie (Eddie Goatman)

Check out the podcast below.

Also check out the Late Night Lingerie facebook page and head over to their next night on the 29th November.


1.Skirts - 'Come & Play' 2.Birdskulls - 'Rolling Tongue'  3.Slagcan - 'Julia' 4.Spit Shake Sisters - 'Modern Drugs Make Aliens' 5.Theo Verney - 'Home Sweet Home' 6.Vyypers - 'Thirsty'  7.Strange Cages - 'Desert' 8.The Wytches - 'Digsaw' - Live in session for LNL 9.The Rusted Guns - 'Liars & Cheats' Live in session for LNL 10. O.W.L.S. - 'Only Joking' 11.The Semper Teens - 'Party' 12.The Flash Gordons - 'Inside My Mind' 13.Nitzam - 'Happiness' 14.Tusks - 'Some Time' 15.Demob Happy - 'Sad Disco' 16.Skirts - 'Spit Shake' 17.Tigercub - 'SauerKraut'                                                          

2 years ago



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