FatCat Records Podcast #88 - Lee Grainge

Lee Grainge started his journey into music in the early 80's – listening to soul and funk and the emerging electro scene he became fascinated with the electronic sounds that were being used to produce these types of genre. Following a near tragic car accident Lee found inspiration in this and chose to become a DJ.
Around the acid house era Lee decided to ‘live’ his passion for music and sound and got a job as Import buyer/seller for a distribution company.  A year or so after this he left and went to work for the Fat Cat record shop. Lee also went on to release many 12" singles under various pseudonyms for a variety of UK labels, and to DJ around the world. 
In 1999 Lee worked at Smallfish records, where he helped shape the beginnings of the shop. After two years he left to concentrate on another obsession, sound in films. He studied Sound Design and Music Technology for two years at the London Institute, after which he went on to create collaborative installations using picture and sound to create feedbacks, with a highlight being shown at the Pompidou, Paris. Since these days Lee has been freelancing as a sound recordist & post production FX editor.
In the past year Lee has started to collaborate musically again. Although he won't let on with who yet, after a 10 year break from music he has become interested in his field of dance music.
Lee has always believed in sound and music being about passion over anything else. He has created this podcast of a selection of film sound and music to create something he regards as one piece rather than the 30 or so different sound tracks and sound bytes actually used.
1- 0-60 mins
Sound Fx / A large mixture of my own recordings, and library sound - (Re-designed & edited through-out).
2 - 0-2.17 mins
Star Trek - Generations -  Time Is Running Out.
3/4 - 4.43-10.24 mins
Space Odyssey 2001 - Hal9000 & Overture* (Re-designed*).
5 - 10.54-16.33 mins
Blade Runner - Blush Response.
6/7 - 16.25-18.05 mins
Lost Highway - Police
Mean Streets - Bar scene fight dialogue.
8 - 17.58-18.42 mins
Lost Highway - Videodrones / Questions.
9 - 18.36-20.32 mins
Twilight Zone - Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.
10 - 20.30-22.15 mins
Twilight Zone - Time Out.
11/12/13/14 - 21.58-27.34 mins
Escape From New York  - Prison Introduction.
Escape From New York  - The Bank Robbery.
Escape From New York  - Snake' Plissken.
Escape From New York  - The Name Is Plissken.
15 - 25.44-29.06 mins
Taxi Driver  - The 44 Magnum Is A Monster.
16 - 29.22-32.52 mins
Lost Highway - Mr Eddy's Theme.
17 - 32.32-34.42 mins
Shut It! The Sweeney Movie - The Heist.
18 - 34.31-38.22 mins
Se7en - Trouble Man.
19 - 38.15-39.48 mins
The Young Americans - He's Watching Me.
20 - 38.41-43.16 mins
Babel - Gekkoh.
21/22 - 43.12-45.44
Apocolypse Now Redux (Special Edition) - Chef's Head.
Apocolypse Now Redux (Special Edition) - Dossier.
23 - 45.33-48.00
The Countryman  - Guidance.
24 - 48.00-51.05
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Night Fight.
25 - 51.05-54.01
Babel - Into The Wild.
26 - 53.58-55.06
City Of God - Morte Zé Pequeno.
27 - 54.57-59.36
Baraka (Special Edition) - Kecak

2 years ago



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