FatCat Records Podcast #87 - Les Inrockuptibles

JD from Les Inrockuptibles has put together this mix for us.
"I started on cassettes, went on to mini-disc, then CD-R, then USB keys, then streaming playlists. 
As far as I remember, I have always made compilations, with passion & love. I have sent mixtapes that said more about me and my feelings that the longest love letters. Songs have have always spoken more elequently than me - I leave them to do the talking. 
When we started Les Inrocks magazine some 26 years ago, the idea was to put faces on these tracks : each month, we interviewed the musicians we loved, put these interviews together and turned our mixtape into a mag! This mixtape is what I would have taken for a boat trip from Brighton beach. 
There is no logic, no hierarchy, no connections : just a starting point and then a trip into my record collection. 
Oh dear, it sounds melancholic, again!"
Stromae - Formidable
Cannibal Ox - Straight Off the D.I.C.
Adian Coker - Cream
Dean Blunt - Walls of Jericho
Cousin Marnie - Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand
Nadine Shah - Dreary Town
Lou Reed - Ennui
Brian Eno - Golden Hours
Young Fathers - I Heard
WU LYF - Summas Bliss
The Sudden Death of Stars - I'll Be There
The Field Mice - Sensitive
The Chills - Pink Frost
Fauve ‚ - Haut les Coeurs
Bjork - Crystalline (Omar Souleyman remix)
Jerusalem In My Heart - Koll Lil-Mali7ati Fi Al-Khimar Al-Aswadi

2 years ago



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