FatCat Records podcast #86 - Apollo: Suite Strings

Singer, violinist and composer Apollo has compiled a podcast made up of 12 pop songs featuring stunning and original string arrangements. The string ensemble has been deployed throughout the history of pop and rock to denote and evoke emotion, often melancholy or euphoria, or both. On these tracks, the strings are not always the main focus, but they are integral to each song's sound world, emotive qualities, colour and flavour. The songs range from arch baroque pop to acoustic post-classical singer-songwriter fare, to introspective hip hop, to retro-nu-soul to avant-garde orchestral projects to angry feminist rock to pure pop.


1.       "Time of My Life" - Patrick Wolf
2.       "River of Sorrow" - Antony and the Johnsons
3.       "Thundering Water" - Apollo
4.       "Neon Valley Street" - Janelle Monáe
5.       "She Was" - Camille
6.       "Mount Alpentine" - Owen Pallett
7.       "Cloudbusting" - Kate Bush
8.       "Indestructible (Acoustic Version)" - Robyn
9.       "Carry" - Tori Amos
10.   "Antebellum" - Vienna Teng
11.   "Man-Size - Sextet" - PJ Harvey
12.   "Speech Therapy" - Speech Debelle

2 years ago



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