FatCat Records Podcast #82 - Mike Allen on Capital Radio

Our latest podcast come courtesy of Jon Simmonds, who runs an archive of Mike Allen's legendary Capital Radio show

FatCat founder Dave Cawley:

Hearing this podcast of Mike Allen's Capital Rap show instantly took me back to my early teenage years; hearing his voice and the choice of cuts he played bought the memories flooding back. Mike Allen show really was the soundtrack to my life back then. I would religiously tape his shows and i wasn't alone amongst my friends. We all did! The tapes were played and tunes discussed, getting played to death on ghetto blasters whilst friends perfected their breaking moves. This is where my passion and love for music really started to show. I couldn't break but boy I wanted to have all the tunes in my tape collection!
Getting up to London to buy records was just out of reach but I was fortunate enough to buy some killer electro 12" from Groove in Soho. Just going up there was a pilgrimage. This was a shop I always wanted to visit and that first experience is a cherished memory. I also got my first taste of a youth fashion at that time. The whole look we wore was all part of that soundtrack: Tacchini tracksuits, Split Louis cords, Fila BJ's, Lacoste polo shirts etc. Labels came in and out of fashion but the look just suited the music perfectly.
Ultimate III Live - Ultimate III
Cutmaster DC MegaMix - Froggy and Simon Harris
BreakDown - Fat Boys
Techno Scratch - Knights of the Turntables
Beat Biter - MC Shan and Marley Marl
Tablet II
Mind at the End of a Tether - TackHead
Allen's Army FrontLine Chart
Ya don’t Quit - Ice T
Running - Information Society
Square Dance Rap (Rodeo Drive Mix) - Sir Mix-A-Lot
I'm Fly Shante - Roxanne Shante
Ultimate Scratch Part II - Egyptian Lover


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