FatCat Records Podcast #81 - Unspoken Inferences

Our latest podcast is a collage of music and spoken word put together by James from FatCat:

A collection of interviews, readings, lectures and monologues, and an attempt to soundtrack these personal expressions with musical pieces that reflect a sentiment or an emotional undercurrent I believe to be hidden somewhere within the words. I am interested in the stoic stubbornness in Sun Ra's lecture, the lamenting hope in Woody Allen's confessional, the underlying calmness in Kerouac's depiction of a raucous jazz scene. These are words spoken by important creative minds; this is an experiment in listening to the voice of the mind as much as the voice of the throat.


1. Jack Kerouac reads from On The Road / Oneohtrix Point Never - Remember
2. Phil Ochs - On modern music / Pan American - Both Ends Fixed
3. Bob Johnston - 'The Music Man' / A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Symphony Pathetique
4. Charles Bukowski reads When All The Animals Lay Down / Nick Kuepfer - Kettle
5. Woody Allen - 'What Makes Life Worthwhile' / Max Richter - Journey 4
6. Gastr del Sol - I Only Speak English
7. Ivan Karp on Andy Warhol / Mount Eerie - [something]
8. Neal Morgan - It's Man or Mouse Now
9. Nick Drake speaks into his dictaphone / Richard Skelton - Threads Across the River
10. Jorge Luis Borges - The Metaphor [Harvard, 1967] / Stefan Christoff w/ Sam Shalabi - Duet for Abdelrazik #6
11. Sun Ra - I Don't Want to be Treated Like A Human Being [Berkeley, 1971] / Labradford - Recorded and Mixed at Sound of Music, Richmond, VA.
12. Mark Albert Vella reads The Swallower / Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey's Dance
13. Dan Aykroyd - Why I Believe in UFOs / Aphex Twin - Avril 14th


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