FatCat Records Podcast #107

Podcast #107 is a refreshing summer mix of Latin tracks curated by John Kennedy, former owner of Croydon record shop Big Apple Records, seen by many as the birthplace of Dubstep music. John also DJ-ed regularly at seminal London techno club Lost. After closing the the shop in '04, John travelled extensively through South America. This mix is inspired by his time in the Colombian city of Cali:

"My journey to work at that time was tortuous because I had to travel across the city while they were implementing a major construction project to the transport system, the traffic was a nightmare and the journey of 5 or 6 miles could take up to 2 hours each way. The one saving grace was that the public buses would play local radio which consisted mainly of salsa. I discovered many tracks by asking the bus driver or the passenger next to me if they knew the name of the song that was playing. Colombians really are the loveliest people in the world and were only too happy to help." - John Kennedy.

1.Cheo Feliciano - El Raton
2.Angel Canales - Lejos de ti
3.Oriza - Oriza
4.Alex Tobar - Pachito
5.Nacho Zanabria - Mambo Batiri
6.Fruko - El Preso
7.Cheo Feliciano - Cachondea
8.Oscar D'Leon - Lloraras
9.Héctor Lavoe - Escarcha
10.El Gran Combo - La muerte
11.El Gran Combo - Me Liberé
12.Héctor Lavoe - El Cantante
13.Eddie Palmieri - Vamonos Pa'l monte
14.Grupo Niche - Cali pachanguero
15.Héctor Lavoe - El dia de sueste

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