FatCat Records Podcast #106

Podcast #106 is curated by Lawrence English a composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. Here is what Lawrence had to say about the mix he put together:

"These artists made up a good deal of my listening whilst recording my new LP Wilderness Of Mirrors. Some of the elements in the songs, such as the sound of Elliott Smith's concert bass drum in Waltz #1 (which to this day I am mildly obsessed with!), influenced the record very directly. Other pieces were more just works that happened to crop up again and again as the record wound on. It's a pleasure to listen again to them now in a sequence like this. I hope you enjoy them and loose a little time to them, as I did." - Lawrence English

1. Scott Walker - Farmer In The City
2. György Ligeti - Lux Aeterna 
3. The Necks - Open
4. Akio Suzuki - Plate Juggling
5. Xiu Xiu - Black Dick
6. Ben Frost - Secant
7. Coil - Never Happened
8. Circular Keys - Eurogrand
9. Die Antwood - Never Le Nkemise
10.Douglas Quinn - Antarctica 64 49 s 64 02 w
11.Elliott Smith - Waltz #1
12.Mount Eerie - Something
13.Grouper - Water People
14.SWANS - Fool

The FatCat podcast is available via itunesSoundCloud or MixCloud, but you can listen by simply using the player below.


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