FatCat Records Podcast #101 - Bowlegs Mixtape

Check out the latest FatCat Records Podcast from Bowlegs Music. They did a little write of why they chose each track:

OK so this is twelve tracks that we’ve been spinning - some are new and some are newish - all are great.

1. We did a session with ‘Ezra Furman’ the other month and he was so good. It put a whole new edge to his music.

2. ‘Keel Her’ is always great and her new record has so much to explore.

3. ‘Cate Le Bon’, need we say more?

4. ‘Sufjan Steven’s’ ‘Too Much’ is a timeless track - avant-garde pop at its finest - that record is his finest by a mile.

5. 'These New Puritans’ are one of the most original and forward thinking bands in existence.

6. ‘Eagulls’ giving it some.

7. ‘Forest Swords’ finding new ground for electronic music - respect.

8. That ‘SUUNS’ track could spin all day. That guitar riff is fucking awesome.

9/10/11. 'US Girls' can do no wrong, thinking about it nor can ‘Eleanor Friedberger’ or ‘Planningtorock’.

12. As for ‘Fear of Men’, we’ve been waiting for a pop group with melody, depth and originality for some time, so they are more than welcome round this way.

 Is that everyone? - Bowlegs

one year ago



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