FatCat Records 2013 end of year sampler

FatCat Records have created a collection of some of the best tracks to come out of FatCat artists this year including, The Growlers, Forest Fire, TRAAMS, Mazes and loads more!

"2013 has passed at an astonishing pace, hasn't it?

It felt like only last week we were putting the finishing touches to Hauschka's superb remix album - our first release of the year and a catalogue of incredible talent - and arguing over Record Store Day ideas in the office.

This makes a round-up of our last twelve months a difficult task.

We've barely had time to reflect on the amount of music we've released this year, each new album a distinct and often brand-new process. Even for the artists with whom we've worked before (Mazes and Mice Parade, for example) and for the records we reissued from our back catalogue in 2013 (Animal Collective's Sung Tongs in its first ever cassette tape incarnation, an extended and expanded issue of Frightened Rabbit's top-drawern Midnight Organ Fight LP among them), each respective album release has been its own living, breathing adventure.

Tal National - a 13-piece desert-blues / highlife guitar band from Niamey, Niger - and their magical Kaani album was a hugely different affair to TRAAMS' wiry post-punk debut Grin. Throw in the abstract, structure-eschewing experimental turntablism of The Durian Brothers alongside California's surfing, psychedelic "beach-goths" The Growlers and the varied and vivid colours that made up FatCat's palette this year, helpfully, remind us where all the time went.

 Exhausting, yes.

 But time flies when you're having fun." - FatCat

So here it is, check it out now!

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